Pellet Press Spares + Supplies

Consumable components and supplies for your FTIR or XRF pellet press and thin film sample preparation laboratory application. This  includes KBr Powder, XRF Sample Cups and XRF Films, Thin Film Card Holders and Aluminium Foil.

The Atlas press and die series of products are ideal for FTIR spectroscopy and X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) sample preparation.

Read some of our user reviews:

  • Mini-Pellet Press: "Such a simple device to use that gives high quality KBr pellets every time....The pellet holder easily attaches to a variable temperature cell holder for VT experiments. This is one of the best lab products I have ever used for IR spectroscopy" – Martin Lemaire of Brock University
  • Autotouch Press: "Super easy to use, accurate, great value, and reliable" – Nathan Bunker of Sasol Chemicals (USA) Ltd
  • Manual Hydraulic Press: "A real lab workhorse!" – Jonathan Knowles of UCL

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Atlas Power Press tools + consumables
  • Lubrication of compression spring rings kit for Atlas Power Press GS25485
  • New main piston assembly for Atlas Power Press GS25481
  • Oil fill + bleed kit for Atlas Power Press GS25480
  • Replacement Dowty seals for Atlas Power Press GS25483
  • Replacement internal fuses for Atlas Power Press GS25484
  • Replacement lead screw assembly kit for Atlas Power Presses GS25486
General tools + consumables
  • Specacards – 10mm circular aperture GS03800
  • Specacards – 25mm x 10mm rectangular aperture GS03810
  • KBr powder GS03610
  • Vacuum Pump Oil GS03643
Manual Press tools + consumables
  • CL37 Hydraulic Oil GS15101
  • Oil bleed kit for Manual Press GS15110
  • Seals + gaskets set for Manual Press GS15100
  • 0-1 Ton Load Gauge Kit for Manual Press GS15051
  • 0-2 Ton Load Gauge Kit for Manual Press GS15052
  • 0-5 Ton Load Gauge Kit for Manual Press GS15055
  • Seating tool for Manual Press pressure gauge ball GS15111
  • Seating tool for Manual Press release screw ball bearing GS15112
  • Seating tool for Manual Press pressure relief valve oil constrictor GS15113
Mini-Press spares + consumables
  • Mini-Press 7mm Die A 7mm Pellet Die (complete) for use with the Mini-Pellet Press. GS03950
  • 7mm Pellet Die Slide Mount GS03960
  • 7mm Pellet Die Pellet Ring Holder GS03951
Chemplex tools + consumables
  • X-Ray Mix Powder CX0600E
  • Spectroblend Powder CX0660E
  • Chemplex Trimless Disposable Cups XRF 32mm CX1065E
  • Chemplex Trimless Disposable Cups Xrf 45mm CX1095E
  • Chemplex Disposable Cups Xrf 32mm Incl. Thin Film Trimmer CX1430E
  • Chemplex Disposable Cups Xrf 40mm CX1440E
  • Disposable Cups Xrf 32mm CX1530E
  • Chemplex Double-Open Ended Disposable Cups Xrf 40mm CX1540E
  • Chemplex Xrf Sample Cup Caps 40mm Vntd CX1640E
  • Chemplex Disposable Cups Xrf 40Mm S/Oe CX1840E
  • Chemplex Disposable Cups Xrf 47Mm S/Oe CX1850E
  • Chemplex Pellet Cups Straight 40Mm CX0540E
  • Chemplex Pellet Cups Tapered 40Mm CX0545E
  • Chemplex Pellet Cups Tapered 45Mm CX0547E
  • Chemplex Pelletaid 10 Grm Bottle CX0875E
  • Chemplex Plasticups Tapered 32Mm CX054E
  • Chemplex Pre-Cut Circles Prolene 2.5In CX0437E
  • Chemplex Spectrovials Poly 48Mm X 22Mm CX1122E
  • Chemplex Spectrovials Poly 75Mm X 33Mm CX1134E
  • Chemplex Ball Pestles Methyl Meth 7Mm CX1207E
  • Chemplex Mylar Film 6U 2.5 Dia CX3015E
  • Chemplex Mylar Film Gauge 2.5U 2.5 Dia CX3011E
  • Chemplex Pellet Cups Tapered 32Mm CX0505E
  • Chemplex Pellet Cups Tapered 35Mm CX0535E
  • Chemplex Pre-Cut Circles Mylar CX0106E
  • Chemplex Pre-Cut Circles Mylar CX0256E
  • Chemplex Pre-Cut Circles Prolene 2.5In CX0427E
  • Chemplex Spectromembrane Etnom 3.0G CX3025E
  • Chemplex Spectromembrane Etnom 3.0G CX3026E
  • Chemplex Spectromembrane Kapton 7.5G CX3021E
  • Chemplex Spectromembrane Kapton 7.5G CX3022E
  • Chemplex Spectromembrane Mylar 2.5G CX3012E
  • Chemplex Spectromembrane Mylar 3.6G CX3014E
  • Chemplex Spectromembrane Prolene 4.0G CX3018E
  • Chemplex Thin-Film Sample Supports 6Um Mylar CX0250E
  • Chemplex Thin-Film Sample Supports Mylar CX0100E
  • Chemplex Thin-Film Sample Supports Mylar CX0150E
  • Chemplex Thin-Film Sample Supports Polyprop CX0425E
  • Chemplex Thin-Film Sample Supports Prolene CX0416E
  • Chemplex Thin-Film Sample Supports Ultrapoly CX0090E
  • Chemplex Xrf Micro Sample Cups CX3110E
  • Chemplex Xrf Micro Sample Cups CX3115E
  • Chemplex Xrf Sample Cup Polyethelene CX2140E
  • Chemplex Xrf Sample Cups - Per Pack CX2145E
  • Chemplex Xrf Sample Cups 2135E CX2135E


  • KBr Powder
  • XRF Sample Cups
  • XRF Films
  • Thin Film Card Holders
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Load Gauge Kit
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Specacards
  • XRF Consumables